lunes, 8 de diciembre de 2014


To enjoy any recipe,first we have to go to the market and buy the things!
I went to the british council when I was a little girl,and I have to say it´s one of my fav webs when I teach in the classroom to my students,some ICT,I use it!
And for my blog I think that activity fits perfect here,because my blog is about cook,food,recipes,etc..
That activity is called "trolley dash",you have got 60 seconds to collect a list of things you need to put in your trolley!
Some interesting questions that we can ask our students:

-Do you like going with mummy and daddy to the supermarket?

-What do you like buying there?

-Do you know how important is to eat healthy food?

-Which is your favorite food?

Here we can also teach them,vocabulary and they have to learn how to concentrate on the activity!


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