lunes, 8 de diciembre de 2014


Back again!!!!
With lot´s of recipes to cook and to eat!!!
For this second post I'm going to use one lovely recipe I saw in one of my fav blogs: 

This recipe is called PIZZA COOKIE!

I did it with my students at home last saturday,and I have to say it´s so yummy!!!!

First of all we´re going to present them the different ingredients we´re going to use!

-115gr fine sugar,white sugar
-115gr brown sugar
-150 gr butter I used it salted butter as I read on the blog,but you can also add a pinch of salt,if you like it!
-   315 gr plain flour
-150 gr dark chocolate pieces,chocolate drops,that what I called them,i bought them in Mercadona!
-150gr milk chocolate chips
-1xl egg
-nuttela or nocilla
-mini m&m or lacasitos
-mini oreos
-mini marshmallows

Then,after reading with them the recipe and also explaining all the ingredients,they wrote the recipe in the notebook.

Let´s cook with Amelie then!!!!

-First we have to preheat the oven 175degrees,I did it and show them how but never let them do it!!!!
-place the butter,vanilla,brown sugar and white sugar into the mixing bowl and cream together for approx 3 minutes.
-add the egg and mix it.
-add half of the flour and continue stirring,the mixture will look dry and crumbly.
-turn your mixture out onto the bench and knead with your hands until it forms a soft smooth cookie dough,for 5 minutes approx.
-take the chocolate in handfuls and squash it into your dough.
-place the dough on to a baking tray lined with baking paper and press the dough out to form a pizza base shape.
-bake for 15-20 minutes until the edges just start to turn golden brown.
-remove and allow to cool slightly.
-Apply the mini oreos,the lacasitos and the marshmallows!!!


Hope you like it!!!!!

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