lunes, 8 de diciembre de 2014


Good afternoon!

It´s almost christmas,and I want to prepare great recipes and funny things to do with my students!

I read that " the practical use of having another pair of hands around the kitchen, Christmas cooking with kids can teach them a lot of useful life skills:

  • Empathy - By making food that other people will enjoy, your child has to put themselves into someone else’s shoes for a while, which will help them in their relationships with their friends.

  • Math - Christmas cooking usually involves a lot of baking, which requires a lot of careful measuring and weighing. This attention to detail, ratios and numbers will help your child’s mathematical development.

  • Maturity - For years, your child will expect food to magically appear on the table when they are hungry, so by cooking with them, you are showing them the time and effort that people put into their dinner. You can also use it as a springboard to get them to cook a meal for the family.

Make sure that you keep the focus on fun, as these kinds of skills will be picked up subconsciously by your child’s brain. Turning it into a lesson may turn them off cooking "

Read more:

I want to use different ingredients in this recipe!


Here in this activity we´re going to teach them,christmas vocabulary,and also what do we do on christmas time,and it´s a good opportunity to know more things about them,we can talk with them about family,and they also can express themselves about their life.

we´re going to use :

-tiny m&ms 
-white chocolate

you can see the recipe, here .


I really think that is a good idea for kids to learn not only english grammar,i really think is a good opportunity to express themselves in englsih,to use vocabulary,to need to use everything in English,that´s the clue.

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  1. Dear Amelie,

    I like your blog because it is very interesting for me. In my school every Wednesday we make cooking classes.

    It's very funny that students learn to cook in English.

    This activity is very interesting for practicing Christmas vocabulary and students can learn some new words.

    They can listen the teacher and express themselves in English. They can learn the different animals, colours, seasons...

    Learn having fun is easier for them.

    On Christmas time it's a good opportunity to know more things about it.

    Be carefull with the ingredients because there are children that can't eat gluten and some parents don't want that their sons eat


    In conclusion I think is easier and funnier to learn playing!!!

    Congratulations for your blog!